To leave friends and family behind would be hard for anyone. A thrill of an adventure cannot prevent unexpected emotional challenges that we will inevitably have to face.



Attachments are complicated structures of emotions which are invisible to us. Attachments are formed over a period of time; therefore, to overcome them takes time as well. The most obvious attachments that we form connect us with our loved ones – family and friends. The less obvious attachments connect us to our surroundings, food, culture, material possessions etc.

Imagine losing your phone, for example. If this ever happened to you, you know how to cope without this gadget which we see as essential nowadays. However, a phone can be replaced. Imagine now how hard it would be to cope with a separation from your country, your family, or your friends.

Attachments are formed in a wide variety of situations, and they can connect us to anything and anyone. If we underestimate negative feelings that are bound to surface when we leave our old life behind, we risk emotional suffering.

Counselling can help to understand oneself, as well as the complicated structures of our attachments that are so important for living an emotionally healthy life.

1. 9. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
Mobile Phone: +420 774 223 515


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