Unrealistic Expectations

Having concrete, well-established expectations is not the best approach to life. It will often lead to misunderstanding and disappointment.



In most cases, expectations associated with life abroad lead to disappointments. We expect things to go according to our plans; we expect people to understand our point of view, our opinions etc. We expect to be happy and understood, and to fit in. We cannot wait for this blissful life full of fun and peace.

In reality, however, things abroad differ greatly from what we are used to. If the world does not revolve around us anymore, we may start feeling burdened by the expectations imposed on us by a different culture. We begin to face our own limitations, which may have been wrongly understood as the limitations of the culture or of other people.

Whatever our expectations, most of them will be challenged. To protect ourselves from emotional and psychological distress, it is advisable to approach life abroad with caution and to avoid making too many assumptions.

9. 10. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
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