Lost in translation

Language barrier is one of the obvious challenges of living abroad. To feel like an outsider due to this obstacle is a common (if unwanted) feeling most expats go through. Over time, it can result in a growing sense of frustration.



For me, one of the most challenging things when living abroad was to learn how to use the new language appropriately. Before I learnt how to sound friendly and empathic, I suffered through many misunderstandings, some of them almost resulting in an insult. At other times, I felt offended by words and tones of others, and quite often, I got lost in meanings of spoken and written language.

We all strive for empathy, understanding, and genuineness; however, if we don’t speak the language fluently, or if we don’t understand how the language is used within the culture, it is much harder to achieve them.

Observe, practice, and then practice some more. It will take time to slide into the right intonation, words, and body language, but it can be done. And as we master it, it will help us feel more relaxed and our life will become much easier.


27. 10. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
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