We all make choices. Every day, we make many choices, which then influence our existence. Our lives did not just happen to us; we created them.



Behind our happiness, suffering, joy, tiredness, boredom etc., there is always a choice we have once made. Bad or good, it does not really matter – it was a choice, our choice. We have a choice to let go, to hate, to fear, to smile, even to live. It is up to us how well we live our lives. Most of us make unconscious choices to “deteriorate”, be it emotionally, physically, or psychologically. It is fascinating to see how much “suffering” we are willing to accept and still go on about our lives, only to wake up each morning feeling incomplete.

How little it takes to look outside of ourselves and put the blame on others and on situations which we claim no responsibility for. It is our choice to enter and stay in relationships, keep this job, board this plane, eat this food etc. Once upon a time, we made that one key choice, triggering other events for which we first need to take responsibility in order to be able to move on. 

14. 11. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
Mobile Phone: +420 774 223 515


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