There is a strange, almost sad feeling, hanging in the air and announcing that the summer is over. It gets chilly, the days are shorter, and our energy levels start to drop. The yearly battle called β€œIs it too soon to turn the heating on?” begins.




It occurred to me only recently that here in the Czech Republic, it is harder for me to keep focused than it was in England during autumn. With summers being warmer, brighter, and longer, transitions from summer to autumn seem more challenging. On top of that, the feeling of missing our family and friends can have a considerable effect on our mood and energy level.

For most people, autumn time is characterized by rather melancholy feelings; for many of us, it is associated with loneliness. The sense of “something is missing” might creep in – this is especially true for people who live abroad. As the liveliness of the summer time subsides, life outside suddenly becomes quieter.  

We start to miss our homes and look forward to the upcoming Christmas time. Only a few weeks to go! And so we focus our existence on surviving those few weeks before we can visit our family and friends again (if we are lucky, of course). Some people have to stay abroad over the Christmas and try to make the most out of it.

Staying motivated during the autumn and winter times is thrice as hard. It is helpful to try to find at least one thing to look forward each day and to be grateful for every evening.


28. 11. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
Mobile Phone: +420 774 223 515


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