Leaving our troubles behind – or do we?

Some of us leave our countries to run away from the reality of our own lives. Whatever the reason, unless we realize who we are and that our lives are the results of our own choices we once made, we will forever keep running away. It is important to realise our true reasons for moving abroad in order to live a happy life. Running away from any kind of trouble is not a good start to a new life abroad.




As children we did not have much choice in choosing what life we wanted to live. We were not the creators of our own reality to the same extent as we are now. Believing that moving abroad could make things better for us is foolish. In most cases it is quite the opposite.

Everywhere we move we take our past with us. How? We take our childhood experiences and the learned behaviours with us. After a while we will start repeating the same patterns of behaviour and those, in most cases, even get worse when living abroad.

So, no. Any unresolved trouble, behaviour, mood swings, emotions or drama will not just disappear simply because we moved abroad. Problems have to be addressed to get resolved. Running away from problems creates more problems. To run away from trouble at home leads to an unhappy life abroad.

I have noticed that quite a lot of expats change from being happy and emotionally balanced to run down and depressed after living abroad for some time. So imagine if, when we came to live in a different country, we were already feeling depressed, emotionally destroyed or unhappy from our lives in our homelands. What would living abroad, which brings additional challenges to our lives, do to our emotional well-being?

9. 5. 2017
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
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